About Dr. Saeks

Dr. Joel A Saeks is a licensed Chiropractor in the state of Ohio. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Beloit College in Wisconsin. And he attended New York Chiropractic College where he graduated cum laude, achieved “Student of the Year”, and received Seneca Falls Health Center Award and the  Ernest G. Napolitan Memorial Award.

Now he is back in his hometown of Lebanon, Ohio, providing patient centered chiropractic care where you are more than just a patient or a symptom. You are like family. 

Dr. Saeks started as a pre-med chemistry major and later switched to and graduated with a Performing Arts degree. He then moved to Brooklyn NY to pursue an acting career. He toured Europe, worked off Broadway and even did some story telling on NPR. So don’t be surprised if he breaks into song while you are in his office. While performing he was the unofficial Jewish Mother of the troupes he worked along side. He was always concerned with the health of his fellow actors and always ready with some advice (chicken soup does do wonders).

As time went on he grew restless, between the long commutes for auditions, and the myriad of jobs: waiter, bartender, veterinary technician, cafe manager and coffee roaster. He felt he needed to do more with his education. After an auto accident where he bulged two cervical discs and lost 50% of the strength in his left arm he saw a chiropractor. This chiropractor despite his overly long care (3x/week for a year) got better and decided this was the career path for him.

He attended New York Chiropractic College where not a single teacher recommended that kind of length of care, and most said “within 6 visits you should have seen a 50% reduction in symptoms or else your diagnosis is wrong or your treatment plan is wrong”.  He excelled there winning “Student of the Year”, Seneca Falls “Healthy Center Award”, “Ernest G. Napolitano Memorial Award, and graduated cum laude. One of the aspects of the school that he loved was the rotation during his internship. He was able to work at Bath VA Hospital, Monroe Community Hospital (a long term care facility), St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Community Center and Mercy Outreach Center (both low income facilities where Dr. Saeks was a mentor).

It was wonderful to see how much good could be accomplished by Chiropractic Medicine without the use of drugs, and to see patients who no longer needed their cane to walk because the care we provided was priceless!

Dr. Saeks has also received advanced training in Applied Kinesiology (100 hours Certification) and Kinesio Taping (K1, K2, K3).


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