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Our team of expert WordPress developers can help you design and develop a beautiful, functional, and secure online store that meets your specific needs and budget. Hire our developers to create your next custom WordPress website including theme development. When you hire a WordPress theme designer, you have to hire somebody who thinks about technical limits and capabilities and works them into designs while managing to create works of art. In this way, a WordPress theme designer is more like an architect or an interior designer than a painter or an illustrator—their flair for design rests upon an understanding of how their designs work.

hire freelance wordpress developer

Most freelance marketplaces and job listing platforms will display ratings and reviews on the developers’ profiles. You may also see the number of projects that the developer has worked on so far. Many recruiting websites will require you to create a job post to find quality candidates. However, regardless of whether you plan to join one of these platforms, it’s always a good idea to prepare a vacancy ad. If you want to build a website but don’t have the skills to handle it yourself, you’ll likely want to hire a WordPress developer. Unfortunately, figuring out where to start or how to find quality professionals can be challenging.

SEO friendliness: WordPress link structure and its free plugins makes it much easier to show up in SERP.

It’s important to make sure that they are capable of producing the type of work that you’re looking for. However, you might want to ask for the web developer’s portfolio before you make a decision. Moreover, if anything goes wrong with your site, you’ll have someone to reach out for support. For instance, your web developer will likely be able to help you debug WordPress, perform updates, troubleshoot issues, and more.

  • Next, we hold either a technical interview or peer programming session to assess their hard skills, followed by a final candidate review.
  • Don’t be seduced by the promise of cheap outsourced development as, more often than not, you get what you pay for.
  • You can do it from your sofa at home, the comfort of a hotel room or any other place around the world.
  • Think of it like hiring an in-house developer but managed by UnlimitedWP.
  • Note down the unique requirements to create a comprehensive project brief to assess your goals.
  • Not all of them have the same skill set, experience, and expertise.

You can discuss your job scope and requirements with them more before hiring the expert. With a simple three-step process, you can hire a WordPress Developer backed by the Cloudways Expert Program. The program offers trust and transparency, and lets you network with quality web professionals to potentially develop long-term relationships.


I work with a team that has been working with eCommerce since 2003 onwards, and we have focused our efforts on mainly making sites and applications . Codeable is one of our favorite platforms because it’s all about WordPress. Every freelancer who makes it onto the site is carefully vettedand there are workers available for every type of WordPress job. That includes web design, plugin and custom theme development, and much more. There are a lot of platforms where you can hire WordPress freelancers online.

hire freelance wordpress developer

This is for companies and enterprises serious about finding the top talent. The cost for accessing their candidate search board starts at $2,499 . Renowned as one of the most popular and high-quality web development publications on the internet, Smashing Magazine also runs Smashing Jobs. Listings here are paid – $225 for listing full-time positions and $75 for freelance gigs – which helps keep overall quality high.

The three main core languages that you need to learn to become a perfect WordPress developer are PHP, CSS, and HTML. Hiring WordPress developer’s a bit difficult as there are plethora of web companies who are providing the same services. I am all for working with people all over the globe, but In my experience, it’s easier when they’re within 7-8 hours of my time zone.

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I also excel at SaaS apps, and any app that a company might need as its backbone CRM or CMS tool…. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Great work, have been working for some time.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Good job, delivered on time! Finding the perfect WordPress freelancers doesn’t have to be hard.

You can post your job under the category you’re looking for, then developers can apply to work on your project. Once your job is reviewed and published, it will wordpress developer for hire remain there for 21 days. If you’re looking for a platform that hosts WordPress-specific development professionals, you might want to check out Codeable.

hire freelance wordpress developer

Note that final costs depend on the complexity of your design, included features, and otherwise. When you work with a top level WordPress theme designer, you can expect top-quality communication and work from an experienced designer with an extensive portfolio. Fill vacant WordPress developer positions with help from our list of the best job sites for hiring WordPress developers. Our extensive list includes several different types of sites that target this specific job market, as well as popular worldwide sites. This job-listing site can be particularly useful if you’re looking to hire a plugin developer or theme developer. Although often used interchangeably, a WordPress developer is not the same profession as a website designer.

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We then ask them to send a video self-introduction to assess their English, communication skills, and other soft skills important to effectively working remotely. Next, we hold either a technical interview or peer programming session to assess their hard skills, followed by a final candidate review. If everything goes well, we’ll have an onboarding call to welcome them onto the Arc platform. At Arc, you can hire on a freelance, full-time, part-time, or contract-to-hire basis. We have a global network of skilled software engineers, meaning you can find a WordPress developer in a time zone that meets your needs.

In that case, you’ll need to look for a developer to help you get the job done, the right way. Hiring a WordPress designer requires you to test the candidate a little differently. Although the hiring process is quite the same as that of hiring any WordPress freelancer, you have to vet WordPress designers on the basis of their aesthetic sense and visual design skills. Obviously, the test and trial project you assign them would be different as well according to the work you need. Once you have made a comprehensive project brief, create a job description to post on the platforms we have mentioned earlier in this blog.

A developer should also be vetted as per his/her interpersonal skills. Collaboration and instant communication are a huge part of the tech industry that demands confidence while communicating with different members or clients. You will https://globalcloudteam.com/ work with experienced professionals that will take your project to another level. Or do you need someone who can code the theme after they’ve designed it? If the latter, make sure you ask a designer if they offer that service.

Assign a paid trial task period and discuss the offer package

He values communication and trust most when working with remote teams. Most of the WordPress developers choose between being dedicated to themes or to plugin development. Therefore, the total cost for having a basic WordPress up and running is roughly $157 – $722 in the first year. This estimate is considering you do some DIY and put together elements to build your website yourself. Nevertheless, what if you are busy and do not have time to do it by yourself. We at Perfectlancer gathered an army of talented WordPress developers from all around the world.

Cost wise benefits: it is free to use. This is why startup, small and medium sized businesses and personal bloggers love it.

This can help you better understand the designs and services they offer. Also, if they own a personal website or blog, it can indicate their capabilities, assuming they’ve developed it themselves. Asking a range of questions can help you better understand both the technical and soft skills of the people in question. You might also ask them to present some examples of their work. You should also decide whether you want ongoing maintenance or not. We recommend choosing a developer that offers services such as regular upgrades and malware scans, as this can help you secure and speed up WordPress in various ways.

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WordPress developers use JavaScript and libraries to create interactive elements on a web page and simplify the coding process. Creating your first website can be a grueling and time-consuming process. However, hiring an expert to handle the work for you can make it a lot easier.

ow can you create a static homepage in WordPress without using any plugins or themes?

Developers deal with the technical aspects of website management, such as hosting servers, while designers focus on layouts and themes. Some of the crucial skills WordPress developers need are PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. WordPress is an open-source content management system that has been around for about two decades now.

Completed projects will give you a sense of what a developer can do. You can find entry-level to senior WordPress developers on various job sites. Make sure they are qualified and have a portfolio for you to peruse. Therefore, it’s important to create an iron-clad contract at this stage in the process. This legal agreement can help ensure that both parties are clear on the scope of the project and the terms of payment. For example, assigning them a short project can help you better assess both their soft and technical skills.

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